Bananas Have Extensive Health Benefits

In most parts of the world, bananas are one of the cheapest, most readily available fruits on the market. And besides being rather easy on the wallet, bananas are also a favorite flavor among young and old alike. In addition to all of this, bananas pack a pretty powerful nutritional punch.

Out of all of the fruits and vegetables available, very little beats the banana when it comes to a combination of potassium and fiber. A single banana contains 467 milligrams of potassium, and some dieticians and doctors recommend that those with blood pressure or heart issues eat a banana a day to help maintain normal blood pressure levels and their overall heart function.

Studies also indicate that another key health benefit of bananas, outside of protecting against colon cancer, eating a diet high in fiber (which bananas fit into well) can also help to prevent heart disease, making the combination of high levels of potassium and fiber found in bananas a one-two nutritional punch.

Banana health benefits also come from being high fiber, particularly the large amount of the soluble fiber pectin, can also help to regulate the digestive system and lower the acid levels found in stomachs, reducing instances of heartburn and other discomfort caused by acid reflux.

When it comes to weight loss, one of the primary roadblocks for most people is cutting out sweets. While a banana will not ever really replace a cookie or a piece of cake entirely, its high sugar content and dense texture can make it a healthy alternative to less-desirable, higher calorie sugary foods.

When frozen and blended, bananas can also resemble the texture of ice cream for a fraction of the calories. From protecting your health to slimming your waist line, the health benefits of bananas are extensive.

One of the more popular ways to enjoy the health benefits of bananas is by including them in smoothie recipes. Bananas add a delicious, creamy texture to any smoothie, in particular fruit smoothies such as strawberry banana, or many berry banana combinations. Bananas also combine famously well with chocolate. Bananas can also make a great substitute for milk or yogurt ingredients often asked for in many banana smoothie recipes.


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