One of the most nutritious items in your produce section very well could be bell peppers. And while many relegate this colorful, crunchy, slightly sweet vegetable to kabobs and stir-fries, bell pepper benefits are best when this vegetable is left raw, as heat can destroy some of the nutrients.

Bell Pepper Nutrition

Bell peppers are a great source of nutrition, especially the red and orange varieties that are rich in vitamin A, K, and C. In fact, bell peppers have more vitamin C per serving than an orange! These nutrients help to slow down the ageing process, support the immune system, and help to protect you from certain types of cancer, including prostate, bladder, lung, and uterine. The high sulfur content of bell peppers may also provide some anti-cancer benefits, especially in regards to colon and esophageal cancer, although studies are so far inconclusive in these areas.

Perhaps the most unique bell pepper benefit is the fact that, while unbelievable low in fat, it contains just enough to provide a slew of fat soluble vitamins, many of which are not available in other low calorie fruits and vegetables. Most notable is the bell pepper’s relatively high content of vitamin E, which helps to protect the skin, hair, eyes, and nails from damage and aging, as well as providing anti-inflammatory health benefits. In fact, bell peppers contain nearly 8% of your daily-recommended intake of this essential vitamin per half cup serving, which is pretty substantial for a low-calorie vegetable.

When added to an otherwise healthy diet, bell pepper nutrition can benefit the entire body, from your hair to your toes, all while making it easy to stick to a certain amount of calories.

A delicious way to enjoy the benefits of bell peppers is to add them to many juicing recipes. Green peppers add a delicious spiciness to your favorite vegetable focused juicer recipes while red and orange pepper add a healthy sweetness that can make even the most greens focused recipe palatable.


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