As with many things, the ancient Greeks knew a thing or two about nutrition, including the benefits of fennel. For thousands of years this slightly sweet, incredibly crunchy vegetable has been used to ward off evil and improve a person’s health and strength. And our ancestors weren’t far off: the benefits of fennel are rather impressive.

To start, it is a fantastic source of vitamin C, and can help to support a healthy immune system, the integrity of your bones and teeth, and help your body to maintain healthy blood vessels, which improves the function of your entire body. Fennel is also a good source of fiber, folate, and potassium, all of which are essential nutrients to keep you at your prime.

In addition to the standard nutrition information, fennel also contains anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help individuals with inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and asthma. It also contains the still-being-researched compound anethole, which is believed to prevent regular, healthy cells from becoming cancerous.

Outside of the nutritional and health benefits for the average individual, fennel can also be incredibly beneficial to breastfeeding mothers. When eaten raw, used in baked goods, or used to make tea, fennel can help to encourage milk production, which can be incredibly helpful for new moms in the first months of nursing, or for moms who are tandem nursing.

You can also enjoy the benefits of fennel by juicing it. You might not enjoy the taste of fennel juice on it’s own, but you can combine it with celery, cucumber, or some fruits like apple. You can try it out in many different fruit and veggie juicing recipes to add a unique twist on a more common juicer recipes. You can juice the large white bulb of the fennel, the green stalks and even the more leafy part.

From supporting a healthy immune system to feeding babies, the benefits of fennel are extensive: just as the Greeks always thought it did.


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