Believe it or not, grape juice isn’t just for kids. Like the more-adult version wine, it is full of a surprising amount of healthy antioxidants, especially purple or red varieties. Two of the most important benefits of grape juice include reducing a person’s levels of bad cholesterol, which can prevent strokes and heart attacks, as well as helping to regulate blood pressure.

These reported grape juice benefits are generally attributed to the high levels of resveratrol and flavonoids, two antioxidants that help to support and protect your body from toxins, bacteria, and the natural progression of aging.

Specifically, the flavonoids found in grape juice can not only lower bad cholesterol, but also keep the cholesterol in the body from turning into plaque on the arteries, helping you to maintain a healthy heart. These antioxidants can also prevent the development of blood clots, a medical condition that can cause severe damage to your heart.

Although these benefits of grape juice are also attributed to wine, grape juice has the added benefit of a lack of alcohol. Although generally fine in moderation and sometimes even recommended, alcohol can dehydrate the body and, when consumed in excess, cause a host of other health issues. Generally, grape juice provides all of the benefits of wine without the drawbacks.

When it comes to calories, the only major drawback to grape juice is the often-high sugar count found in most brands. However, there are several brands available with no added sugar, which tends to lessen the calorie count.

You can also make fresh grape juice at home with your juicer or your blender if you strain the pureed grapes afterwards. Of course you can also stomp on grapes in a large barrel in your backyard if you are feeling extra adventurous and want to follow the tradition of making wine.

However you end up making your fresh grape juice from home, grape juice makes a wonderful base to mix with a host of other fruits. You often see grape juice as an ingredient in most juice blends you see in the stores. So next time you are craving something sweet and nutritious, grape a bunch of grapes and get creative with your juicer!


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