Blackberry Fruit Benefits

Like most berries, the blackberry is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, providing numerous health benefits for a relatively low amount of sugar or calories. A serving of blackberries is usually listed as 1 cup, and for that one small cup, you get a wide array of nutrients to help your body function its best now and later in life.

To start, a cup of blackberries contains 30 milligrams of vitamin C and 308 IU of vitamin A. Combined, these nutrients help to support your immune system, protect the cells in your body from oxidizing (the most common cause of aging), and help to maintain the health of your heart, eyes, and skin. In addition to all of this, a serving of blackberries also contains high levels of B vitamins, vitamin K, and lutein, all of which help to protect you from heart disease, prevent birth defects when consumed by pregnant women, and help to prevent the development of cataracts later in life.

Outside of nutrients, the acids in blackberries are also beneficial. Unlike many fruits, which are high in sugar, blackberries contain a fair amount of various acids, keeping their sugar content low and the sugar that is in this berry easily processed by your body. When consumed regularly, these compounds can help to regulate your digestive system and make it easier for your body to absorb iron, something that can be especially beneficial for women of childbearing age, as slight to full-on anemia is a common concern for this demographic.

When combined, these nutrients and compounds help to fight the effects of free radicals, keeping your organs healthy, lowering your risk of developing certain types of cancer, and, overall, keeping you feeling energized and healthy.

Blackberries are a popular berry to add to many juicing recipes and are a common berry you can often find either fresh, or frozen at the grocery store. This makes blackberries an easy to use ingredient for berry smoothie recipes as well.


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