In America, one out of 10 individuals will experience an ulcer at some point in their life. Occurring in the stomach and small intestine, ulcers can be caused by numerous issues, including the overproduction of gastric acid, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, infection, or even taking too many over the counter medications. Traditionally treated with medication or, in severe cases, surgery, recent studies have found that drinking cabbage juice may help to clear up existing ulcers and prevent new ones.

Fresh cabbage juice for ulcers is believed to contain compounds that have an anti-peptic ulcer factor sometimes referred to as vitamin U, which helps to prevent the development of ulcers in the stomach lining and small intestine. While standard prescription ulcer treatments can take over a month to be effective, some studies have indicated that drinking fresh cabbage juice for ulcers can clear up the problem in a little over a week, with patients drinking four 8 ounce glasses of fresh cabbage juice per day. The cabbage juice not only cleared up the ulcer itself but also relieved the pain experienced by the patients more quickly than traditional medications.

Cabbage juice for ulcers is only known to work for peptic and duodenal ulcers, and it tends to work best when an “ulcer diet” (i.e., very bland foods) are eaten during treatment. In cases where the ulcer is actually a hole in the stomach lining or intestine, surgery is still required. As with all medical issues, discussing using cabbage juice for ulcers with your doctor is incredibly important in maintaining your overall health and well-being.

On top of being effective for ulcers, cabbage is also a great ingredient to compliment many juicing recipes.  Some of the more popular cabbage juicer recipes can help with a wide range of benefits well beyond the benefits to stomach ailments.

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