Cranberries are the white berries of evergreen shrubs that turn a brilliant hue of red once ripened on the stem. The longer cranberries are allowed to ripen, the darker red they become and less tart they become.

Cranberry juice made from straight cranberries is a popular beverage that is a bit tart but is often the beverage of choice for it’s healthy benefits. Because of the tartness of cranberry juice, it is often sweetened with sugar or combined with other sweeter juices like apple juice or grape juice.

There are many cranberry juice benefits due to the wide selection of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Cranberry juice nutrition facts include both vitamins A and C, and important minerals including calcium and iron. Juice made from cranberries carry chemicals called polyphenol antioxidants.

Chemicals found in cranberries have been found to possess both anti-cancer effects and anti-clotting effects that help prevent heart disease by preventing clogged arteries. There is also some evidence that chemicals found in cranberries can even prevent the formation of kidney stones in the human body, though this effect is very much still under investigation.

One of the more interesting health benefits of cranberry juice is a compound called proanthocyanidine, helps prevent plaque formation on teeth. Similarly, other components in cranberry juice help prevent urinary infections by making it harder for bacteria to stick to the walls of the bladder and urethra. Furthermore, the same chemicals in cranberry juice responsible for its anti-clotting effects help combat chronic urinary tract infections in women.

Although the particular benefits of these chemicals have yet to be conclusively demonstrated in humans, there certainly is some evidence suggesting that people do enjoy these benefits by drinking cranberry juice.

To enjoy the many health benefits of cranberry juice try adding cranberry juice to your favorite juicing recipes or buying fresh cranberries to put in your juicer at home for fresh raw cranberry juice.


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