Cleansing With Cranberry Juice

While cleanses typically don’t result in long-term weight loss, they can help to purify and balance your system, giving you a jumpstart on a new, healthy lifestyle or support your current health-conscious one. A cranberry juice cleanse is ideal for many people, as it is relatively straightforward and, oftentimes, less cost prohibitive than many other cleanses.

There are two forms of the cranberry juice cleanse: one with food and one without. The latter involves drinking several cups of diluted, unsweetened cranberry juice during the day with an added fiber supplement. The cranberry juice can be made at home, which is recommended, or purchased from the store; however, finding pure, unsweetened cranberry juice can take some looking.

The juice and fiber supplement, along with plenty of fresh water, are the only things consumed for the duration of the cleanse, which typically lasts for two to three days. During this time, the cranberry juice helps to purify the body and, according to some experts, burn fat.

A less extreme version of the cranberry cleanse involves drinking the diluted juice, eating a fiber supplement, and drinking plenty of water, along with eating as much fresh produce as you like. Due to the addition of the vitamins and nutrients from other vegetables, this cleanse can last from three to seven days. This version of the cranberry juice cleanse is also believed to purify the body and burn fat, and the addition of produce to the diet makes it easier for many to follow.

As with any type of cleanse, the cranberry juice version may not be for everyone, and you should discuss the potential side effects with a trusted doctor.


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