Made up of 96% water, cucumber juice benefits far exceed hydration. Cucumbers, often relegated to salads or, occasionally, vegetable trays, provide a surprising amount of nutritional benefits for a such a small amount of calories. And when it comes to juicing, cucumber juice can be an exceptional addition to your diet.

Here are the basics of cucumber juice nutrition: you can extract 647 i.u of vitamin A, 16 mg of vitamin C, and 433 mg of potassium all from a regular, medium-size cucumber. And the best part? An entire medium cucumber is less than 40 calories. As it’s often difficult to find nutritionally dense foods that fit into a calorie restricted diet, these stats are nothing to sneeze at.

One of the most invaluable benefits of cucumber juice is how it interacts with other fruits and vegetables when combined. The large amount of vitamin A, as well as the vitamin K and phosphorus that naturally occur in cucumber juice, make it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients in other juices as well.

Cucumber juice is often incorporated as key ingredients in detox juice recipes and because of cucumber’s relatively neutral taste and how much juice they yield, is a favorite base in many fruit and vegetable juice recipes. You can peel the cucumber if you do not want some of the stronger taste from the skin to make it into your juice but you would be sacrificing some of the nutrients.

So what does all of this mean for you? The unique combination of nutrients found in cucumbers are often associated with the following health benefits, all while enabling you to support a healthy weight loss program or maintain a healthy diet:

Reduce fluid retention
Slow hair loss
Lower high blood pressure
Increase or maintain kidney function
Limit the development of ulcers
The benefits of cucumber juice are truly endless, which is one of the many reasons that nutritionists and dieters alike often refer to this super-vegetable as nature’s diet food!


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