Drinking Lemon Juice

There is a reason that lemon juice is routinely added to water; outside of the flavor benefits (because really, what’s more refreshing than lemon water?), the health benefits of this simple mixture are pretty impressive. Drinking lemon juice is a great addition when following an alkaline diet, provides a high dose of vitamin C, can aid in weight loss, and can even improve your skin and lower your blood pressure.

The alkaline diet is based on the premise that drinking or eating alkaline foods, helps to balance the pH levels in your body, aiding in weight loss and improving your overall health. While this might be counter intuitive, lemon juice has an alkalizing effect on your body even though you might think it is acidic.

Even for those who do not follow a relatively strict alkaline diet, drinking a glass of diluted lemon juice every day can help to flush out your system, balance your pH levels, and, overall, make you feel more energetic and healthy.

As with most citrus fruits, lemons are high in vitamin C, which helps to support your immune system and protect your cells from oxidizing. Regularly drinking lemon juice also increases the amount of bile that your digestive system produces; while that may sound a little less than appealing, this actually makes it easier for your body to process the other foods you eat, keeping your digestive system as healthy as possible as well as potentially aiding in weight loss.

In addition to all of this, drinking lemon juice can help to improve your complexion and lower blood pressure. The vitamin C in lemons can brighten your skin and remove toxin that cause breakouts, while the potassium in lemon juice can, over time, help to lower your blood pressure.

For all of these health benefits, it is generally recommended that you consume the juice of half a lemon diluted in warm water once a day if you are under 150 pounds, and the juice of a whole lemon diluted in warm water if you are over 150 pounds. Refreshing and healthy, drinking lemon juice daily can be a fantastic addition to an overall healthy lifestyle!


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