When it comes to store-bought juices, it seems that nothing is believed to be healthier than tomato juice. However, let’s first take a closer look at what you might find on the store shelf.

Here’s the ingredient list from one of the most popular brands:

Tomato Juice from Concentrate (Water, Tomato Concentrate)


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Compared to other store-bought products, this doesn’t look too bad. After all, 3 ingredients plus water is pretty decent.

However, here are the ingredients found in homemade tomato juice:

Tomatoes ( yep.. that’s it! )

There are no chemicals and your juice isn’t subjected to an endless factory line of processing, contained in a can or plastic bottle, or pumped full of salt to make it last longer on the shelf.

Making Tomato Juice At Home

And guess what, it is incredibly easy to make: simply push clean tomatoes through your juicer and voila! And, if you want to make a large batch in advance, you can also can your own tomato juice .

Oftentimes, the convenience of purchasing pre-made juices and other products at the store is hard to overcome. However, your body is not meant to process all of the added ingredients, and so much of the nutritional benefits found in produce are lost during the processing stage. Look at it this way:

100 grams of fresh homemade tomato juice provides 17% of your daily recommended vitamin A and 21% of your daily vitamin C.

100 grams of store-bought tomato juice provides 9% percent of your daily vitamin A and 30% of your daily vitamin C (however, this comes from absorbic acid, not the tomato).

So where did all of those nutrients lacking in store-bought tomato juice run off to during the manufacturing stage? We’d prefer not to know. Making tomato juice at home is so simple, quick, and easy, there’s really no reason to purchase the store bought variety: save that for products that are time consuming or impossible to make at home!



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