For beginners, juicing can be a little bit daunting. Whether you’re looking to do a juice cleanse or simply incorporate more produce into your diet and get the most out of their nutrients, as with most things in life, juicing is best when you start out with the basics.

Although more exotic ingredients certainly have their place (some mango, passion fruit, and lime juiced is perfect for a hot day), you can use the produce you usually keep in your house to make a variety of healthy juices.

Some of the most common fruits kept in most homes in America are apples, oranges, and pears. And these three fruits are incredibly juicer friendly. Unlike some other ingredients, you don’t need a mountain of apples or oranges to make a glass of juice; usually, one or two will suffice. You can juice each on its own or mix one or more; when it comes to fruits, just about anything will taste good together!

High-yield vegetables include: cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and beets, all of which are easy to find year-round, and, in most cases, are staples in American homes.

One of the best juicing tips for beginners is to combine these high-yield vegetables with smaller quantities of low-yield produce, such as greens, herbs, and denser vegetables, for optimum nutrition and flavor.

When it comes to combining fruits and vegetables, it is generally recommended that you stick with fruits on their own and vegetables on their own with, although you can add one or two fruits to the latter for sweetness. If you have a huge amount of spinach and cucumbers on hand, you can make a juice with those and add an apple in for to tame the green taste, and carrots and apples are also a fantastic, easy combination.

With juicing, the only real rules are to keep it fresh and organic when possible; otherwise, just about anything goes!

To help you get started here are some good juicing resourcs:

Easy Juicing Recipes

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Juicing With A Blender ( In case you don’t own a juicer )

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