Juicing During My Pregnancy?

Pregnant women are under constant scrutiny when it comes to what they put in their body. With the list of unacceptable foods during pregnancy getting longer every year, it can be difficult for some to determine what is healthy and what isn’t, especially when much of the information is conflicting. This is especially true when it comes to juicing while pregnant.

One of the biggest benefits of juicing while pregnant is the high amount of all natural vitamins and minerals you can consume in one sitting. While you likely wouldn’t be able to eat a heaping plate of vegetables at every meal, turning that mound of produce into a glass of juice gives you all of the nutrition without feeling overly full; this can be especially helpful when women are having difficulty keeping down solid foods.

Juicing can provide pregnant women with high levels of essential vitamins, including iron and folic acid, which are incredibly important for both the mother’s health and that of her developing fetus. Juicing these fruits and vegetables, rather than eating them raw, also makes it easier for your body to absorb the nutrition; in fact, studies have found that people absorb 90% of the available vitamins and minerals when produce is juiced, as opposed to only 35% when the food is eaten whole. This is partly due to the fiber in whole fruit that sometimes can prevent some of the nutrition from being absorbed by your body.

However, there are many people that claim juicing while pregnant is not safe, as the juice is not pasteurized. During pregnancy, a woman’s immune system is suppressed, and drinking unpasteurized juice can increase her chance of contracting a food-borne illness. Nevertheless, most experts agree that as long as the juice is made with well-washed fruits and vegetables, and it is consumed right after it is pressed, it is just as safe as eating a whole fruits or vegetables. Additionally, it can raise your blood sugar levels if your consuming high amounts of high sugar fruits or vegetables.

Juicing while pregnant can be a delicious way to obtain a variety of vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy and your baby growing well. Despite this, engaging in juicing cleanses during pregnancy is generally not considered safe. As with anything, it is important to discuss your nutrition and diet with your doctor.


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