Kale, a dark-green leafy vegetable, rivals just about every other food in the produce section when it comes to nutrient density. The vast majority of kale juice benefits are believed to come from is high concentration of various essential vitamins and nutrients.

One cup of this leafy green contains 1,020% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin K, 180% of vitamin A, and 200% of vitamin C. In addition to this, kale is an excellent source of manganese, fiber, copper, and even calcium (when compared to other fruits and vegetables). Even if you discount any other potential kale juice benefits, eating or drinking a serving a day of this leafy green is somewhat akin to taking a daily supplement.

So what do all of these vitamins and nutrients offer you? Each, in some form or another, is considered antioxidants, which help to fight free radicals, while others offer anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. Currently, research indicates that regularly consuming kale can reduce your risk of developing breast, colon, ovarian, bladder, and prostate cancer. In addition to this, the significant amount of fiber found in kale juice benefits your heart by lowering cholesterol levels and helps your body to process other essential nutrients in the most optimal fashion, including vitamin C for immune system health.

So how does kale fit into a weight loss plan? All of these kale juice benefits are available to you for only 36 calories a serving, making kale juice ideal for those looking to live a healthier lifestyle or to lose weight.

Kale does have a stronger taste that many veggies so it often combined with other veggies to help make it more palatable for some people. You would surprised what adding just a couple carrots to your kale juice can make all the difference. You can also combine certain fruits such as apples or pears that do a good job of balancing out the flavor. I’m sure you would agree, the health benefits of kale juice surely will out way having to be a little extra creative on how to incorporate this amazing nutritious green vegetable.


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