In some form or another, lemons are included in just about every diet, from the healthy to the better-left-in-the-past fads. This is especially true when it comes to diets meant to cleanse or detoxify your system. Why? Because it is widely believed that lemon juice can cleanse your entire body, including your digestive tract and liver, when consumed daily, either as part of a healthy diet or for a short-term cleanse.

You’ve likely heard of the cleansing diets that consist of only drinking lemon water with syrup and cayenne pepper or cinnamon, or drinking lemon with warm water at every meal. The most famous cleanse with lemon being a key ingredient being The Master Cleanse or The Lemonade Diet.

And while many mainstream dieticians, doctors, and health professionals are strictly against only living off liquids for several days at a time, there is some truth to the notion that lemon juice can be used for detoxing and many practitioners strongly support the benefits of these kinds of detoxification programs for a multitude of reasons.

Just like lemons can kill bacteria on your wooden cutting board, cut leftover grease on your stovetop, or shine up your stainless steel sink, it can also clear out your digestive tract and liver. Lemon juice helps to break down the leftover carbohydrates and proteins left in your system, ensuring that anything your body does not need to run its best is disposed of.

The antibacterial properties of lemon juice can also help to kill bacteria in the digestive tract, keeping your colon healthy. In addition to all of this, the acidity of lemons can encourage your body to produce more of the enzymes the liver needs to do its job, taking some of the strain off this often-overused organ.

Another counter intuitive benefit to lemon juice is how it has an alkalizing benefit to the body. Though many may assume the contrary, lemon juice is often a key ingredient in many alkaline diet plans.

Although fad detox plans and cleanses are not for everyone, drinking a glass or two of warm water and lemon juice a day can help your body to run at its prime.


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