There is a reason that lime juice is so often included in juicing recipes. A cup of this fruit juice, while only 60 calories, contains over 100% of your daily vitamin C needs, a powerful antioxidant that protects your body from free radicals. All without any fat and only four grams of sugar!

Lime juice benefits also include a unique mix of antioxidants that can provide anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits. One of these antioxidants is flavonol glycosides, which has sometimes been reported to help provide natural antibiotic effects. One of the least known benefits of lime juice is its high content of the aptly named limonoids, which has been reported and under investigation to help provide many therapeutic benefits including some laboratory test with animals and human cells showing promise with several types of cancer, including colon, breast, and lung.

As with just about every fruit and vegetable, a lime’s benefits are not only found in its nutritional content. Just like most citrus fruits, limes have a natural ability to enhance the flavor of the foods that it’s combined with, making it a fantastic addition to juicing. It is capable of making other fruits and vegetables taste more like themselves: when combined, lime juice can make your apples taste more apple-y, your berries more berry-y, and so on.

Not only is this good for your mouth, but it also limits or eliminates the amount of salt you need (or want) to use, which can make weight loss easier and is considered a heart healthy way to help reduce excessive sodium in your diet. You can add lime juice to just about any concoction, giving you numerous health and taste benefits. Enjoy!

Fresh lime juice is commonly used in immunity juice recipes and compliments all kind of juicing recipes as it can help mask flavors you are trying to avoid or brings out the best in other ingredients. Try adding a squeeze of lime juice next time you are enjoying a glass of cranberry juice. You can use a lime juice squeezer to make adding fresh lime juice to any beverage or meal you might be preparing simple and easy.


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