Sweet and delicious, juicing plums can provide various different health benefits. Chock full of antioxidants that can help to maintain a healthy brain, plum juice benefits include protection against aging, increased absorption of essential nutrients, and various other health bonuses.

Plums are considered an excellent source of vitamin C by most dieticians and nutritionists, an essential nutrient that helps to support a healthy immune system, thus limiting the amount of damage standard colds and other illnesses can do to the body (as well as how long it takes to naturally recover from those illnesses). When combined with the other antioxidants found in plum juice, benefits also include an increase in absorption of iron. This can be especially helpful for women of childbearing age, as it is relatively common for women between 16 and 50 to be low in iron due to blood loss during the menstrual period.

As with many fruits and vegetables, one of the most common prune juice benefits is its ability to slow down the natural degeneration of eyesight, which occurs naturally as people age. When it comes to juicing, all of these plum juice benefits are highest when plums that are in-season are used. However, given the fact that plums are generally in season at least somewhere in the world, finding ripe, juicy plums for your healthy diet is pretty easy year-round. And at only 30 calories per average size plum, this fruit juice can be a fantastic addition to your weight loss diet plan.

Plums make great additions to many juicer recipes as well because they have a more mild sweet flavor that compliments many other fruits. They make great additions to smoothie recipes as well. There are many different varieties of plums that vary in sweetness and overall taste profile so you can be creative with types of plums you use for different juicer recipes. With all the gentle sweetness of plums you will also not find it too difficult to get younger children to enough the health benefits of plums and be happy about it.


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