Babies are best known for three things: eating, sleeping, and, well, filling up their diapers. So what happens when a baby stops doing the latter? Often times, a whole lot of crying and not a lot of sleeping, which makes for a rather stressful home life.

People of any age can experience constipation, and believe it or not, prune juice can be used for a baby’s constipation just as it can for adults. Most often, infants become backed up when solids are introduced. This does not mean that a baby is intolerant to a food or should not eat it; generally, it just means that your child’s digestive tract needs to get used to the new enzymes, proteins, and other compounds. After all, mashed green beans are significantly different that breast milk or formula!

In most cases, you should never give straight prune juice to babies, especially if they are less than 10 months old. As you’ve likely discussed with your doctor, breast milk, formula, water, and diluted juice are the only liquids your child should be drinking at this point.

So, just like any other juice you give your baby, prune juice should be diluted by half or two-thirds. To protect yourself from any catastrophic blow-outs, try with the least amount of prune juice for babies first. Most of the time, all it takes is a little bit to get everything running smoothly again.

While prune juice for babies and constipation is considered safe by most doctors, it is always important to bring up any dietary concerns with your child’s doctor. And, if the constipation continues or gets worse, a visit to your pediatrician may be in order.

You can purchase prune juice at your local health food or grocery store or you can also try making fresh prune juice from home. Some prunes you might find in the store are treated with sulphur as a preservative, if you are inclined to avoid preservatives such as this, you can find prunes labeled organic and unsulphured.


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