How to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone impacts everything from sexual function to hair growth, including bone density, muscle mass, and a man’s overall sense of well-being. Levels peek in the late teens and early 20s, and then begin to decline between 30 and 35.

Here are five ways to increase testosterone levels naturally:

Lose Weight: A recent study indicated that men who are overweight are more likely than those at a healthy weight to have low testosterone levels. Working out and eating at a caloric deficit until you reach an acceptable weight for your height can naturally boost your testosterone levels.

Change Your Diet: Sugar destroys testosterone. A diet high in lean proteins, healthy fats, and a variety of vegetables will give your body everything it needs to run at its best.

Exercise Regularly: Combining high intensity cardio with strength training can have a dramatic effect on your hormones. Peak fitness, which moves rapidly from as-fast-as-you-can and brief recovery periods, can help to boost testosterone, while weight training, with a focus on heavy weights at low reps (rather than lots of reps with lighter weights) can also boost levels, as well as help to prevent the loss of muscle mass.

Watch Your Vitamins and Minerals: Zinc is essential for testosterone production, and nearly half of all men are low on the recommended intake. In addition to this, regular sun exposure for vitamin D is also vital for maintaining healthy levels and slowing down the rate at which the body reduces its production of this hormone.

Cut Down on Stress: Cortisol, the hormone produced in response to stress, actually keeps your body from responding to the testosterone in it system. Engaging in activities that you enjoy and avoiding high-stress situations can have a positive impact on your testosterone levels.


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