If I had to pick three top veggies to juice on a regular basis it would have to be carrots, cucumber and tomatoes. Not only are these 3 veggies commonly available throughout the year at most supermarkets, they are all fairly easy to juice and have a lot of water content so you get a lot of juice for the effort.

Carrots – Carrots are one of least expensive, high yield veggies that taste great and are high in nutrition. It makes a great filler juice for many juice recipes and the sweetness helps offset bitterer tasting produce you might want to juice like most greens.

Cucumbers – Cucumbers make a great base for almost all recipes as they have a more neutral taste and are a favorite in many alkalizing green juicing recipes. It’s also a popular weight loss recipe favorite as its low in calories.

Tomatoes – Tomatoes are a great way to add low calorie sweetness to most juice recipes and are also great high yield veggies. Depending on whom you ask, technically tomatoes are considered a fruit until they are processed like in a juicer or cooking, but for their savory goodness, we are putting them on our top veggie list.

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