Juicing Recipes

Juicing recipes are a fun and healthy way to lose weight and increase overall vitality. There are several important factors to consider when both making juicing recipes of your own and using pre-made recipes. These factors are the type of juicer, timing, and combination.

The type of juicer is important for how juice eventually turns out. Despite the propaganda not all juicers are the same simply because they make juice. For healthier juice that is filled with greater nutrition it is important to use a masticating juicer type. The preference will be for dual gear, stainless steel auger, models since the enzymes inside the produce might survive longer due to the construction of these devices.

Timing is crucial when juicing. The living enzymes and nutrients inside natural produce die off within a few hours of being exposed to the open air. They may survive a bit longer with refrigeration but max benefit will be achieved if the juice is consumed immediately after creation.

The combination of juices is important as well. While simply creating apple juice or orange juice is fine, the best benefit will come from combining mostly vegetable sources with a little fruit. This type of combination maximizes nutrition and lowers the overall level of sugar found within in the finished juice.

If the aforementioned concepts are taken into effect the juicing recipes which follow will be perfectly crafted. The high vegetable content combined with the taste of fresh fruit will provide a fun and healthy way to shed pounds quickly.

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