The Incredible Power of Beet Juice Recipes

Beets are an incredibly powerful food, and scientists are just now beginning to discover how far-reaching their health benefits are. They are a rich source of betalains, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents which can be great for eye and nerve health support. Beets are also a powerful blood and kidney cleanser as well as an excellent source of folate, manganese and potassium and a good source of vitamin C, magnesium and iron. In fact, they are so powerful that only a few ounces of their juice needs to be used in beet juice recipes.

It is important never to use straight beet juice in your juicing recipes. When beets are juiced, their nutrients become so concentrated and are delivered to the bloodstream so fast that large amounts can actually cause fever, chills and heart palpitations. Therefore, it is important to always mix other juices such as carrot, celery or apple into your beet juice recipes. In addition, do not include too much beet juice in your juicing recipes; for most people, the juice from half a medium beet is sufficient.

Beet juice recipes are best when made with raw beets as the nutrition in beets is easily destroyed by heat. Both the roots and the leaves can be used in juicing recipes, but be sure to select vegetables that are firm and smooth with no shriveling or soft spots. The size of the beet is a matter of preference; however, smaller beets tend to be sweeter.

You can add Beet to most juicing recipes if you want to add a touch of earthy sweetness. Try using less beet than you think you will need and increase based on your personal tastes.

Below are some popular Beet juicing recipes:

Apple Beet
3 apples
1/2 medium beet (beetroot)

Apple Beet Green Cleanse
2 apples
2 large kale leaves
1 stick celery
1/2 medium cucumber
1/2 medium beet (beetroot)

Beet Carrot Orange
1/2 medium beets (beetroot)
2 medium oranges
4 medium carrots

Beet Grapefruit Celery
1/2 beet (beetroot)
2 medium grapefruits
2 celery stalks

Beet Celery Apple
1/2- 1 medium beet (beetroot)
3 celery stalks
1 medium apple

Tomato Beet Lemon
5-6 medium tomatoes
1/2 – 1 medium beet (beetroot)
1 medium lemon

Beet Apple Cucumber
1/2 medium beet (beetroot)
1 cucumber
2 apples

Beet Cucumber Pineapple
1/2 medium beet (beetroot)
1 medium cucumber
1/2 pineapple

Beet Delight Juice Recipe

– 1/2 of a small to medium size beet ( or, 1/4 of a large beet ) 1 to 2 oz beet juice yield.
– 1/2 apple
– 2 whole organic carrots
– 1 cucumber

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