Here is a great juice cleansing recipe that is not only delicious but also is a great addition to any detox program. The carrot juice provides the sweetness to the base juice and the lime adds a great zest that is also very cleansing and alkalizing. Providing both Beta Carotene and Vitamin C this is also a great immune boosting juice.

This recipe also calls for celery, which is a great source of minerals and is credited for a long list of health benefits beyond helping with cleansing your body. The carrot and lime help to offset some of the bitter taste profile of celery, so you can load up on celery in this recipe.


6 carrots
1 lime
5 stalks of celery
Wash and process the ingredients as you typically would and for what works best in your juicer. Peel the lime and just put the lime slices through the juicer. I prefer to juice the celery last as it can sometime clog up your juicer a bit.

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