Carrot Parsley Juice Recipe

Carrot Parsley Juice Recipe

This carrot parsley juice recipe is a great way to get the amazing alkalizing benefits of parsley into your diet. Usually just treated as a garnish, parsley is one of the nutrient dense greens out there and has a long history for being used not only for it’s nutrients, but also for detoxification, energy, breath freshener, and is rich in blood cleansing chlorophyll.


6-8 Medium Carrots (depending on your yield)
1-2 bunches of Parsley

Clean and process the carrots as you normally would, and clean the parsley thoroughly to ensure no dirt or other undesirables make it into you juicer. Put the parsley in the juicer first using the carrots to push it through. The chlorophyll in the parsley will add a brilliant green hue to your juice.

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