If you are looking for a juice cleanse recipe that is also low in sugar or if you are juicing for weightloss, here is recipe that should do the trick for you. The cucumber and celery are low in sugar and calories and great for helping to draw out toxins. The lime in the recipe helps to offset some of the bitterness of the celery and helps to brighten the flavors.

To add a bit of sweetness to the recipe I add just a touch of apple. Just enough to make the juice a bit more pleasant to drink, but not enough to raise the calories and sugar too high. This is a great juice you can enjoy over ice on a hot summer day. This can also be used as a sports drink because of the high amount of minerals in the celery.


4 stalks of celery
1 cucumber
1/2 apple
1/2 lime
Wash and process the ingredients as you normally would and for what fits best in your juicer. Add the apple and cucumber through the juicer first. Peel the lime and just put the slices through. I juice celery last as it can get stringy and sometimes clog up the juicer a bit.

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