This cucumber parsley juice recipe is a super green juice recipe that is great for detoxing and is low calorie if you are juicing for weight loss. This juice is also very alkalizing and is nutrient dense because of concentrated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients such as chlorophyll loaded in the parsley. If you are not keen on the pungent taste of the parsley, you might want to add some lemon to the recipe to take off some of the bite.


1-2 large cucumbers ( depending your desired yield)
1-2 bunches of Parsley

Clean and process your cucumber to fit your juicer. If you are using organic cucumber, as I would recommend, you can juice the cucumber skin and all. If not, you might want to peel off the skin if you are worried about pesticides. Wash the parsley thoroughly. Put the parsley through the juicer first using the cucumber to push the parsley through to increase the yield of the parsley. If you have chosen to add some lemon, you can either peel and put slices through the juicer or squeeze a lemon into your finished juice and stir.

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