Why Fresh Juice Recipes are Better Than Store-Bought Juice

The health benefits of fruits and vegetables are well documented, and research as suggested that juicing is an effective way to provide your body with these advantages. However, it is not enough to simply buy juice at the store and consume it. Store-bought juices are usually heavily processed, and they often contain harmful preservatives. The only way to ensure that you are getting all the goodness of fruit in your juicing recipes is to find some fresh juice recipes like the ones below and make your own juice.

Unlike juice you buy at the store, fresh juice recipes contain living enzymes. Enzymes are essential for all body processes, and every vitamin and mineral needs them to do its job properly; however, the high heat involved in the pasteurizing process completely destroys these molecules. In addition, canned juices are usually more water than juice, so any benefits that they would have are diluted. On the other hand, fresh juice recipes are usually made with pure juice. Another benefit of these juicing recipes is that they provide much more variety than anything you could find at the store. Make sure that you make them with organic fruits and vegetables, however, or you may be introducing pesticides into your body.

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