If you love grape juice, you will love this twist on this classic juice. Try to find the sweetest green or red grapes you can find or a blend of red and green as long as they are sweeter. They need to be sweet enough to mellow out the sour of the lime we are adding to the recipe. To keep the sugar count and calories in check if you are juicing for weight loss I’ve added some cucumber and will add a little water at the end.

The lime adds a great complimentary twist to this recipe and I find it so much more enjoyable than just straight grape juice. It also adds a great boost of vitamin C if you happen to be battling a cold. Great to serve over ice or to add ice to and make a slushy in your blender for your kids.


4 cups of red or green sweet grapes
1/2 cucumber
3 limes
1 cup water (more or less to taste)

Wash and process the ingredients as you typically would and for what fits best in your juicer. De-stem the grapes and put through the juicer followed by the cucumber. Peel the limes and just add the slices through. Add just enough water to get to the taste profile you are looking for or to cut the calories.

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