We all know that citrus fruits are a great source of immune supporting vitamin C and other nutrients. However, dark berries are a great source of anthocyanins, the dark blue and purple pigments found in dark berries such as blackberries. Anthocyanins are have a remarkable ability to stimulate your body’s own immune system.

Not only is this blackberry lemonade a fantastic immune supporting juicing recipe just in time for flu season, but also tastes amazing. You can play with the level of sweetness by adding honey to the final recipe, keep the sugar down if you are juicing for weight loss. You can also add a bit of water to help thin out the recipe a bit if desired.


1 lemon
1/2 cup blackberries
1 cup dark red grapes
1 cucumber
Purified Water (if desired to water down)
Sprig of Mint (for garnish)
Wash and process the ingredients as you typically would and for what works best for your particular juicer. Peel the lemon and just add the slices through the juicer. De-stem the grapes. Add a little water to the final juice if required. Serve over ice and add a sprig of mint to garnish and enjoy!

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