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Why is home juicing so important?
Commercial juicing generally focuses on fruit juices, so it is very important that we look to our own kitchens to juice a variety of foods that include both fruits and vegetables. Juicing can also help deliver a large and wide range of vitamins and nutrients in a single glass. Fresh juice from your home juicer also contains living enzymes, something you do not get when buying juice in stores due to the pasturization process. The heat used in pasturization can break down these important live enzymes.

What types of juicers are typically used?
In terms of modern juicing, there are three different types of juicers, all of which have slightly different performance and function:

Centrifugal ? this style of juicer uses a spinning mesh blade similar to what you might see in a fine cheese grater. The centrifugal style grater grinds the fruits and vegetables to extract the juice.

Masticating ? this style of juicer uses a kneading and grinding motion to remove the juice. Although slower in operation then the centrifugal juicer, many believe this style of juicer helps retain more plant fiber.

Triturating ? this style of juicer uses two gears to compress the juice from fruits and vegetables. This is also slower then the centrifugal style of juicing but generally results in more juice extracted.

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