If you love freshly squeezed orange juice but don’t love all the sugar, and accompany sugar rush, you will love this recipe. You still get all the wonderful benefits of orange juice such as immune boosting vitamin C but without as many calories. This also makes this recipe good if you are juicing for weight loss but crazing something sweet.

By combining cucumber as the core, you water down the recipe while also adding in the benefits of the cucumber. I like to peel the cucumber first so that it helps keep the finished juice looking more orange juice like.


2 Cucumbers
1-2 oranges

Wash and process the ingredients as you typically would and what fits best in your juicer. Peeling the cucumber is optional is you don’t mind your orange juice looking more green. Peel the orange and just add in the slices. You can add more or less orange depending how sweet you want the juice.

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