For those of you out there that love the cult classic Cactus Cooler soda but are looking for a healthier way to satisfy that craving, here is a great recipe inspired by this favorite guilty pleasure of mine. For those of you that aren’t familiar, this favorite soda of many is orange soda with a pineapple twist to it.

For this recipe you can just serve it over ice, or add some sparkling water to really bring back the memories. Either way, this is a very refreshing and vitamin C packed juicing recipe that is sure to be favorite around your house.


2-3 large oranges
2 cups cubed pineapple
Sparkling water to taste

Peel the oranges and just put the slices through your juicer. Cut the pineapple skin and remove the core and put the pineapple pieces through in sizes that fit your juicer. I like to add a little sparkling water to make a healthy soda. You can also add just a little bit to sparkling water for a very low calorie party drink to serve many.

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