Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best recipes. Not only because it saves tons of prep time, but the classics just taste great. Carrot juice is one of my favorite “go to” juice bases because I always have them sitting in my crisper, and they are one of the least expensive ingredients for me to get organic in my local town.

I love carrot juice straight, but it is also very easy to thin it down a bit with water so you can stretch the juice out to save on costs and lower the sugar per serving if you are concerned with this.

It’s also a great base in case you want to toss any other ingredient in that you happen to have sitting around your house. Carrot juice masks leafy greens beautifully and go great with many fruits like lemon or apple.


6 to 7 Organic Carrots
Purified or Spring Water (Optional to thin down final juice)
Wash and process the carrots as you typically would and for what fit best in your juicer. After juicing the carrots you can add a little extra water until your desired level of sweetness.

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