Grapefruit juicing recipes are popular for weight loss for a number of reasons ranging from the lower calories to the fat burning reputation. Here is a great recipe for adding a twist to straight grapefruit juice. I like to use a sweeter variety of pink grapefruit and then compliment it with the tartness of lime for a new dimension on this slim down classic.

This also gives kind of a limeade effect without adding extra sugar because of the sweetness of the pink grapefruit. This recipe can be done in a juicer or you can use the old fashion citrus press if you want a super easy clean up.


2 Pink grapefruits
1 lime
If using a juicer, peel the grapefruits and lime and just put the slices of the citrus through your juicer and enjoy. If using a citrus press, cut each citrus in half and press as you typically would for this type of juicer.

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