With pomegranate season upon us (from September to February) it is a great opportunity to add some of this wonderful super fruit to your favorite juicer recipes. I like to combine pomegranate with other juices since pomegranates are a bit pricey, but also because they can blend well with so many other juices.

Pomegranates have a wide range of benefits and particularly known for heart healthy benefits. In this recipe I blend in grapes and apple to create the base. These sweeter ingredients help to mask some of the bitterness of the pomegranate also.


1 pomegranate
2 apples
3 cups of grapes

Wash and process the ingredients as you normally would and according to what fits best in your juicer. Spoon out the pomegranate seeds into a bowl and put just the seeds through the juicer. Follow by the grapes and apple. If this juice is too sweet for you, you can add a little water at the end to thin it out a bit.

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