If you love strawberry lemonade as much as I do, but want a healthier version without adding a ton of sugar, here is one of my favorites. I love adding some mint to the juice also as it gives it extra dimension and just makes me feel more fancy! The key is sweetening the juice without having to add sugar. You could sweeten with a bit of honey or low calorie sweetener like stevia, but I’m sticking with fruits and veggies for this one.

To add the sweetness this recipe calls for some apple and beet. The beet has the added bonus of really pumping up the red color of the finished juice. Try to use a sweeter variety of apple like red delicious or similar. Just avoid sour apples as we have enough sour with the lemons already.


1 carton of strawberries (about 2 cups or so)
2 lemons
2 red apples
1/2 small beet root
2 ? 3 sprigs of mint
2-3 cups of water (more or less to taste)
Wash and process the ingredients as you typically would and for what fits best in your juicer. Add the strawberries and mint through first. Peel and put just the lemon slices through. Follow with the apples and beet. When adding water last, add until you get your desired level of taste. You can always juice a bit more lemon or sweet ingredients at the end depending on which direction you want to go.

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