Veggie juice recipes are a relatively lower calorie way to enjoy the benefits of juicing without the guilt. Because most vegetables don’t have as much sugar as fruits, veggie juice is a great addition to weight loss plans and fitness programs. Many juice cleanse recipes and detox juice recipes are vegetable based for many of these same reasons. Because many vegetables are alkaline, many veggie juice recipes are great addition for people sticking to alkaline-based diets.

Veggies are also loaded with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are often much more nutrient dense than their fruit counterparts. One drawback for most people is the taste, but if you put a little creativity into it, you can find the right combination that has the right balance of taste and nutrition. You can also add a fruit base such as apple if you absolutely need to sweeten it up, however I think you will find that vegetables like carrots, red bell peppers, or beets will add enough sweetness.

Here are some basics to creating great tasting veggie juice recipes:

Great for the Base of most recipes:


Great to add some extra sweetness:

Red Bell Peppers

Common Green Veggies:

Green Bell Peppers

For More Full Recipes, Continue on to Vegetable Juicing Recipes.

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