Juicing is constantly touted as a means to improve health and drop the pounds, and it can do exactly that; however, adding a super sweet, high sugar glass of fresh juice into your otherwise calorie-dense, processed food laden diet isn’t really going to move you towards your juicing for weight loss goals.

However, juicing just low calorie veggies such as cucumbers and celery isn’t going to do much to keep your craving or appetite in check either. It’s really about finding the balance.

For many people, giving up those foods with obscene amounts of calories and sugar isn’t easy. In fact, it can be down-right hard. Your body craves those things after a while, just like it would a drug, and going from a candy-bar-a-day (or more) to light, healthy juices can put your body into a tailspin.

However, juicing doesn’t have to be all about reduced calories and a lack of sugar; in fact, drinking juices with natural sugars in them can help you to curb your cravings, making it infinitely easier to cut out all of the junk. This means that you can actually use healthy juicing recipes to replace bad foods, rather than just adding them into a bad diet. Try mixing low calorie, low sugar veggies with more sweet veggies or fruits like carrots and apples to find the right balance.

Here is one of our favorite, and very simple juicing for weight loss recipes:

Cucumber Celery Apple


1 whole medium cucumber
1 apple (green)
3 stalks of celery, cleaned
Juice the cucumber, apple, and celery, spritzing a bit of lemon juice into the glass if desired.

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