Could a Strawberry a Day Keep Diabetes Away?

We aren’t talking about strawberry jelly or toaster pastries. Real, fresh, delicious strawberries may actually help to prevent your chances of developing diabetes according to a recent study conducted by Professor Paul Thornalley. Apparently, your body responds to strawberries by releasing a protein that actually lowers blood lipids, keeping your entire cardiovascular system, including cholesterol levels, healthy.

And it has been found that eating strawberries directly before, during, or after a meal can help to maintain blood glucose levels, a primary concern for diabetics and those at risk for the disease.

When it comes to fruit, diabetics often avoid them like the plague; after all, they are nature’s dessert, and as such, they’re full of sugar. However, some studies indicate that eating fruit, especially strawberries, whether you’re at risk for diabetes or currently living with it, can actually help to maintain energy levels, the health of your entire body (including its organs), and prevent a lot of the common health issues associated with diabetes.

While everyone should discuss their dietary choices with their doctor, adding small servings of strawberries into your day can help to maintain healthy blood glucose levels, preventing diabetes and helping those living with the condition. When combined with lean proteins and whole grains, most can adequately consume this sweet fruit, and reap all of the benefits of doing so.


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