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April 9, 2012
“PolandPoland Says No to GMO!

Following the recent activism against Monsanto’s genetically modified agricultural products in nations such as France and Hungary, Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki of Poland announced that they will launch a ban on growing the genetically modified strain of maize…

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“HowHow to Effectively Can Tomato Juice

Whether you have a surplus of tomatoes from your home garden, hit the jackpot at a weekly grocery sale, or simply want to ensure you know exactly where your tomato juice is coming from, home canning can be a fantastic option.

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“PrunePrune Juice For Babies?

Babies are best known for three things: eating, sleeping, and, well, filling up their diapers. So what happens when a baby stops doing the latter?

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“DoesDoes Grapefruit Burn Fat?

Weight-loss diets centering on grapefruit juice have developed a decent-sized following when compared to other restrictive diets…

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