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May 13, 2012
“MangoMango Juice Recipes – Delicious and Fun to Make!

Creamy in texture and similar in flavor to a mild peach or very sweet pineapple, mangoes mix well with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Learn some fun and tasty Mango Juice Recipes for Summer!

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“CucumberCucumber Juice Recipes – Refreshing Flavor!

Refreshing, crisp, and oh-so-healthy, cucumber is available year round, although it’s at its peak from May to August. For the home gardener, it’s relatively easy to grow, and cucumber’s unique fresh yet versatile flavor makes it a perfect main ingredient or addition to a variety of juicing recipes…

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“HowHow Much Should I Weigh

It is about that time we starting getting into shape for summer. Use our simple calculator to find out your Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR). Find out how much you should weigh!

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“TheThe Master Cleanse

The need for the master cleanse is simple. We live in a very toxic society. We breathe polluted air every day, which contains chemicals such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and lead. In addition, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has reported that there are nearly 900 poisonous chemicals in cosmetics and skincare products, and these chemicals are absorbed through our skin and into our body and that means it’s time to detox. Learn more about The Master Cleanse.

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