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June 3, 2012
“CarrotCarrot Apple Juice – A Perfect Juice Base

Peruse the juice aisle at your local grocery store and you’ll likely find that the many fruit-vegetable blends contain carrots and apples together along with other vegetables. Why? Because they are not only incredibly nutritious, but also complement each others flavor perfectly and help mask the flavor of other less delicious ingredients.

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“GreenGreen Smoothie Recipes – Oh So Good!

The USDA’s food guide pyramid recommends that we eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables for optimum health, and many longevity experts believe that we need even more. In spite of this, however, only 7% of us eat even six servings. This has led to an epidemic of digestive problems, obesity and chronic fatigue syndrome. Green smoothie recipes are one of the best ways to solve this problem and reverse the effects.

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“CanCan You Juice if You Have Diabetes?

Contrary to popular belief, juicing and diabetes can work well together provided you pay close attention to your blood sugar levels and the fruits or vegetables that you use in your juices. To start, a basic understanding of fruits and vegetables is key.

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“HowHow Many Calories Do You Burn Walking?

View a quick chart to see how many calories burned walking per hour based on the MET research.

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