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September 10, 2012
“WheatgrassWheatgrass Juice Recipes – Green and Oh So Good For You!

Similar in flavor to spinach or other dark greens, wheatgrass has a fresh, slightly bitter taste; however, just like darker greens, it is full of nutritional value.

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“VitaminVitamin B3 May Be the Cure for Superbugs and Staph Infections

Learn how vitamin B3 can cause the body to increase its production of white blood cells, targeting the infection and what popular foods provide Vitamin B3.

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“JoggingJogging Boosts Life Span Up to Six Years

Recent studies have found that jogging can actually increase your lifespan by over 5 years in women and 6 years in men. Find out how little a week you actually need jog.

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“StudyStudy Finds Cellphone Use Causes 290% Increased Risk of Brain Tumor

Swedish doctors recently completed a rather astonishing study that may get you thinking twice about your cell phone habits.

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“GoodGood News! Chocolate Can Help Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

The market for blood pressure reduction, from specific foods to medications, has made for an incredibly profitable business. However, according to recent studies, dark chocolate can actually reduce blood pressure naturally when eaten moderately.

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