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October 7, 2012
“HowHow Juicing Can Help You Lose Weight

Low calorie, fat free, and nutrient dense, fruits and vegetables are, some may argue, even better for you when juiced. Especially if you’re looking to lose weight.

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“TipsTips to Reduce Belly Fat – Take Advantage of these Simple Strategies!

Excess belly fat can increase one’s chances of developing a variety of diseases, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, alzheimer’s disease and dyslipidemia. Here are some tips to stay healthy and lose that belly fat.

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“55 Simple Tips To Protect Yourself from the Cold and Flu

At that first sign of the sniffles from someone close to you, whether by a family member, friend, or the person behind you in line at the store, trying to think of any possible way to avoid getting sick becomes many people’s first priority. Learn 5 simple strategies to protect yourself this season.

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“55 Reasons You Should Do a Liver Cleanse – The Benefits are Amazing!

Cleanses are all the rage today, from purifying your body during or after a sickness to improving the look and feel of your skin. Out of all of the different types of cleanses out there today, those involving the liver provide some of the most impressive benefits.

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“StudyStudy Shows Antioxidants Lower Woman’s Risk of Heart Attack

A study, published in the American Journal of Medicine, found that women who eat antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables reduced their risk of heart attack by up to 20 percent. Learn more…

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