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October 21, 2012
“GingerGinger Juice Recipes

Gingers wonderful spicy flavor and tremendous health benefits are ideal for juicing. Here are some great tasting and nutritious Ginger Juice Recipes.

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“CandyCandy for Cows? Desperate Farmers Cut Costs To Feed Cattle.

Due to corn prices soaring, cattle farmers have begun feeding their cows such delicacies as chocolate, gummy worms, sprinkles, hard candy, hot chocolate mix, marshmallows… learn more!

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“TheThe Powerful Health Benefits of Turmeric

A relative of ginger, turmeric has been used in both culinary and medicinal avenues for centuries, and it’s known to be a treatment for a variety of health issues and diseases.

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“ContaminatedContaminated Shots Expose Thousands of People to Meningitis

Recently, 105 cases of noncontagious yet deadly fungal meningitis erupted due to exposure to contaminated steroids. The medical community estimates that upwards of 13,000 people may have been exposed.

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