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November 18, 2012
“PumpkinPumpkin Juice Recipes

Often relegated to pies and other sweet desserts, pumpkin is actually high in nutritional value and great for juicing recipes. Here are a few for the holidays.

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“SweetSweet Potato Juicing Recipes and Blends

One of the benefits of sweet potatoes is that they actually become sweeter as they mature which makes for a pleasant standalone juice or incorporated into a juice blend.

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“EchinaceaEchinacea Cold Prevention Validated – Largest Ever Echinacea Clinical Study Concludes

For centuries an herb known as Echinacea has been touted as a preventative for colds as well as a natural treatment and now it is validated… read more!

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“EveryEvery Bite of Junk Food Damages Your Arteries Study Says

When people start talking about eating natural, healthy, whole-foods, there’s a resounding chorus among the masses: everything in moderation! A few Doritos or a drive-thru aren’t going to hurt if you don’t do it every day! However, two recent studies beg to differ.

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“NewNew Drug Recall – Ameridose Recalls Thousands of Drugs

Right after NECC recalled steroid injections linked to the fungal meningitis outbreak, a pharmacy in Massachusetts, Ameridose, recalled thousands of drugs sold to hospitals throughout the United States.

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