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December 24, 2012
“BeetBeet Juice Benefits – 8 Great Uses!

Drinking beet juice is a fantastic way to help your body absorb as much of the nutrients found in beets as possible. The juice of this vegetable is rich vitamins and minerals.

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“GlobalGlobal Warming May Increase Pollen

If the melting of the ice caps, shift in climate patterns, and extinction of wild life wasn’t enough of a reason to worry about global warming, those with seasonal allergies may be at risk as well. Learn more…

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“WarningWarning Signs of Low Testosterone

Hormonal changes in men often don’t receive as much attention as comparable changes in women but often should. Keeping an eye on Testosterone Levels is advised.

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“TreatingTreating Psoriasis at Home

As winter and thus low humidity and heater-season approaches, those with psoriasis often experience more flare-ups due to the dry air and cold weather. Although treatment should always be overseen by your doctor, there are items that you likely already have on hand and things you can do at home that can help to relieve irritation and itching.

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