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December 31, 2012
“WinterWinter Juicing Recipes – Delicious and Full of Nutrients!

In the winter, root vegetables are king. Beets, celery root, and fennel are all fantastic and in-season, as well as rich in immune boosting nutrients.

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“NewNew Diet Trend: The Alkaline Diet – Learn Why This is So Popular!

The Alkaline diet works by balancing your body’s chemistry, trying to keep it at an alkaline level of 7.4 by eating a variety of alkaline foods.

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“AlkalineAlkaline Foods – What Are They and How Do They Benefit Us?

Eating foods high in alkalinity can have tremendously positive effects on your health and diet. Learn more about alkaline foods!

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“TopTop Alkaline Foods – Find out which are the most Alkaline!

When starting a new diet or making additions to your current diet, incorporating foods high in alkalinity will have a tremendous benefit on your health.

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