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January 12, 2013
“MetabolismMetabolism Boosting Juicing Recipes to Help You Shed Pounds!

After years upon years of eating processed foods, your metabolism can take a significant hit, making it even harder to lose weight even once you start eating healthy.

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“QuinoaQuinoa Salad Recipes – Delicious and Healthy!

Nutrient rich and alkalizing Quinoa is becoming increasingly popular, especially as more and more people move towards a gluten-reduced or alkaline foods diet.

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“HowHow to Ripen Avocados Quickly – Easy and Effective!

There are ways to ripen an avocado quickly, without letting it sit on the counter for a week… here’s how!

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“IsIs Green Tea Alkaline or Acidic? Find Out Now!

Everything you eat and drink, including Green Tea, causes a reaction in the blood when digested, which can either turn the blood more acidic or more alkaline.

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