Healthy Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss can be easily and naturally achieved. However prior to natural weight loss we must understand that the body is a complex symbiotic organism with all of its systems working together. Anyone that has experienced weight loss naturally understands this.

It may shake your paradigm a bit as society these days is bombarded with weight loss pills or special diets which address only part of our system.

What good is taking a weight loss pill if our systems functions are blocked due to poor diet, polluton or lack of excersicing?
When we look at weight loss we are conditioned to look from the outside in. How do those biceps look? How big is my behind?

A successful natural weight loss approach flips our conditioning upside down by teaching us how to work from the inside out.

It does include a lifestyle change.

Natural and Healthy Weight Loss Steps

1. Cleansing and Detoxing

Prior to beginning a health regimen we must first clean our bodies. A few good cleansing ways to prepare our bodies for the next step, is by learning about the lemonda diet and the salt water flush which are parts of the master cleanse. Some nutritionists recommend detoxing two times a year.

2. Nourising the system

After a good cleanse, it is time to nourish the system by eliminating toxins from processed foods such as artificial sweetners, refined sugars and empty calories which do not provide our bodies the nutrition it needs. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to start adding nutrition to your body.

3. Exercise and Fitness

Our bodies are designed for motion. So we must eliminate the couch potato in each one of us and while we keeo nourishing the system a daily exercise routine aids in keeping the stress level down as well keeping us upbeat.